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Industrial Facilities

It is understood by industrial facilities to the set of resources needed for manufacturing processes, to allow the use of the building, as protection or safety, or for the storage of products.

The industrial facility comprising:

  • The industrial building.
  • machines or equipment.
  • Specific facilities.
  • Warehouses and distribution (gas, liquid, solid).
  • Facilities generation, power distribution and transformation.
  • Facilities of water (potable and process).
  • Compressed air systems.
  • fire protection facilities.
  • sanitation facilities.
  • industrial refrigeration facilities.
  • Air-conditioning systems or heating.

With respect to the entire system itself, two aspects should be considered:

  • Its geographical location and media available.
  • The layout of the facility.

INGESOL, S.C.L. design and make all kinds of facilities for lighting work areas within buildings, to achieve safety in buildings, to improve the thermal comfort of the people, in order to maintain the ideal conditions for the maintenance of products and food.

We design and execute large number of industrial facilities such as:

  • Industrial Refrigeration (positive and negative chambers.)
  • Air Conditioning Installations.
  • heating and plumbing installations.
  • Facilities Electricity in both Low Voltage and High Voltage.
  • Fire Facilities and Telecommunications.
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