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Engineering Projects

The Project Engineering is a process by which the technical and economic data (through studies and projects) that facilitate determining the costs of construction and operation and bring them to allow the realization are given. Technical problems should be identified in the phases of design, implementation and operation or those that limit the realization of the project, to be repaired or corrected. In this study should define the requirements of labor, consumption, civil works, machinery, equipment for construction and operation of the project.

Therefore, the Project Engineering refers to that part of the study is related to its technical phase, ie, with the participation of engineers in the stages of study, installation, commissioning and operation of the project, and even subsequent advice to the client.

The phases through which passes all project and / or study of a work within the Project Engineering will be:

  • Preliminary Studies: is studied broadly possible solutions to the problem to be addressed. The designs are approximate, working primarily with secondary information, and costs are determined based on known unit costs in the market. Several solutions can be considered and should be considered the potential environmental impact of each of them.
  • Basic design project: usually associated with a study of the economic and financial viability: one or two solutions that seem the most convenient of the previous phase and detailed design with field studies are made. Unit costs of materials and the various phases of construction are detailed. This whole process allows for a cost closer to reality work. We proceed to a study of the various economic and financial possibilities for the work are studied. The study of the potential environmental impacts that may occur due to implementation are also detailed. If in the course of this phase is detected for some reason the work exceeds the costs considered reasonable, or environmental impacts (if applicable) are unacceptable, it should be re-explore alternatives in the previous phase, preliminary study.
  • Final Project: the importance of this phase is the construction details of both the civil parts of the work and the parts of the plant (electrical and mechanical if any).

INGESOL, S.C.L. do all kinds of projects and studies in different areas of engineering, such as building, renewable energy and industrial facilities. In this aparatado we will develop a little more the tasks conducted in the area of ​​building and construction, as renewable energy or industrial facilities have their own section within this dossier, which will explain in more detail what we do.

In INGESOL, S.C.L. we enter into the studies and engineering projects in the field of building, making and covering all phases of construction, from initial concept that the client and analyzing it through a feasibility study (both economic and technical ), through completion on paper and computer format of the project, with part design, calculations and checks, and concluding with the actual execution of the work, performing the tasks of construction Management and Security Coordination, and their operation and maintenance.

Therefore, in INGESOL, S.C.L. we cover all stages of construction involved, and we take care of our client's idea to take her out to the highest standards of quality and technical and economic efficiency.

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