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Energy Consulting

From a global perspective, international markets are in a phase whose tendency is directed towards a homogenisation of prices of different energies, in order to establish criteria for convergence between States which, in one form or another, reach levels of competitiveness and welfare increasing.

To do this, each time you try to promote more vigorously both the diversification of energy generation matrices, such as streamlining in consumption:

- To advance the process of diversification, is driven from the state governments through incentives of all kinds, including different energies in the energy mix, as can be renewable energy consumption and self-production.

- Regarding the rationalization of consumption, it is intended to raise awareness of the benefits of energy efficient, which results directly in an objective improvement of our environment and our environment as well as an optimization of energy expenditure and subsequent competitive improvement.

Currently, the cost of energy is a value, especially in the industrial and tertiary sectors is important, by which you try to achieve higher productivity and efficiency in the final product to get.

In the field of energy consulting, INGESOL provides the following services:

  • Energetic audits, full or partial
  • Energy Accounting and Consulting contracting energy supplies
  • Implementation of ISO 50001
  • Viability studies and implementation of renewable energy
  • Implementation of actions and technologies aimed at energy efficiency. Energy certification of buildings
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